Thank you to everyone who auditioned today.  Wow!  What an afternoon and what choices to make.  Please don’t be disappointed if you didn’t get what you hoped for, there was serious competition and everyone did a great job.

The cast is as follows:

Jerry Lukowski Mike Byrne
Nathan Lukowski Lewis Renninson
Dave Bukatinsky Tony Creasey
Harold Nichols Richard Weller
Malcolm MacGregor Alan Thornhill
Ethan Girard Tony Carpenter
Noah (Horse) Simmons Sacha Blackwood
Pam Lukowski Carolyn Lane
Georgie Bukatinsky Chloe Johnson-Jones
Vicki Nichols Joanna Weller
Jeanette Burmeister Vicki Gavin
Estelle Genovese Debra Allen
Susan Hershey Robyn Davies
Joanie Lish Hazel Hawkeswell
Buddy (Keno) Walsh Arran Treacher-Evans
Teddy Slaughter TBC
Reg Willoughby Matthew Harding
Molly MacGregor Linette Ackroyd
Steelworkers Chris Ackroyd-Parr, Graham Ferris, Matthew Harding, Zac Rasulian. We are currently looking for a couple more steelworkers who may double as small roles in the show.
WAGS Debbie Bowyer, Helen Coyte, Sinead Leach, Elizabeth Lelew & Susanna Lloyd

Congratulations to everyone.  The first rehearsal, is this coming Tuesday, 14 November, at the Grove and is a full company call when we will be doing a read through of the show.