Thank you to everyone who auditioned today.  The standard was extremely high and showed just what amazing talent we have in the Players.  The principal cast is as follows:

Ann – Emma Lumb

Helen – Alex Boughton

Mrs Walsingham – Vicki Gavin

Flo Evans – Becca McGregor

Arthur Kipps – Arran Treacher-Evans

Apprentices – Isaac Lucas, Zac Rasulian, Tim Spindler (individual roles to be confirmed during Thursday’s rehearsal)

Chitterlow – Tony Creasey

James Walsingham – Richard Ashton

Shalford – Ellis Nicholls

Carshott – Andy Boughton

There will be a rehearsal for  anyone who would like to join the ensemble (chorus) this Tuesday 16th November at 8:30pm at The Shottermill Club (2 Liphook Rd, Haslemere GU27 1NL). 

Principals are called for a read-through on Thursday 18th November at 7:30pm – venue to be confirmed.