Don’t forget, you can recycle your coffee pods at The Haslemere Players studio.  We continue to be signed up to participate in the Terracycle Recycling programme.

Terracycle have collection bins in public spaces all over the UK for many products including writing instruments, rubber gloves and beauty products.

The Haslemere Players will be contributing to these efforts by setting up a collection point for Lavazza Eco Coffee Pods. In return, our charity, The Haslemere Players, will receive a donation based on the volume of coffee pods collected.

The more we collect, the more donations we receive so please do donate your Lavazza Eco Pods to the collection bin situated outside of The Studio, Chestnut Avenue, Haslemere, GU27 2AT and recommend us to your friends and families. It helps the environment and it brings a little bit of money in for our fantastic Charity too.

For more information on which coffee pods are accepted as well as for more information on the Lavazza Eco Programme please follow these useful links.