The cast of Calendar Girls is as follows:

Annie:  Helen Andrews
Celia:  Dawn Stephens
Chris:  Jo Weller
Cora:  Nikki Plowman
Jessie:  Jude Perrett
Ruth:  Racheal Rhodes
John:  Tony Creasey
Rod:  Alan Thornhill
Colin:  Andrew Boughton
Denis:  Mike Byrne
Lawrence:  Lewis Hoskins
Danny:  Peter Salt
Tommo:  Daniel Bayley
Jenny:  Beatriz Jennings
Marie:  Sally Waghorn
Miss Wilson (Tea):  Kim Seymour
Miss Wilson (Coffee):  Jenny Manville
Brenda Hulse/Ensemble 1 (F):  Ingrid Collins
Lady Cravenshire/Ensemble 2: (F):  Yvonne Gravely
Ensemble 3 (F): Robyn Davies
Ensemble 4 (F):  Charlotte Parrott
Tannoy announcer/ Ensemble 5 (M):  Howard Bicknell
Ensemble 6 (M):  Paul Allum

Congratulations to all the auditionees this week. The standard was exceptionally high, and it was evident that many people had put in a huge amount of time and hard work into their auditions. The panel really appreciated this and it made decisions very, very difficult. Commiserations to those who were not successful this time; you should be extremely proud of your efforts, and congratulations to those that were.

The first full cast rehearsal will be on Thursday 22nd June at the Hub at 19:45 for the table read.